In the spirit of modern Mediterranean resort architecture, Club Meganos is designed to be experienced as a composition of indoor rooms shaped by plazas, courtyards, gardens, and verandas. The moderate climate and landscape create an opportunity for the indoor amenities to not only view, but also engage the outdoors. These outdoor areas include water features, gardens, and courtyards that enhance the enjoyment of the indoor spaces.

The organization of the Clubhouse acknowledges California’s more relaxed, informal lifestyle. The primary circulation of the Clubhouse is a stone wall that has been shaped into a gentle arc, softening the building geometry. The building organization separates major functions from one another to suggest the unique characteristics of each. The Social functions include the Grand Living Room, Cafe, Banquet facility and Culinary Studio. Each function within the Clubhouse is designed to convey a resort style atmosphere. The Recreational functions include the indoor pool and exercise rooms. The full service spa offers treatments in a private, tranquil environment.

Building massing was designed to create a more comfortable scale and emphasize the sense of a grouping of smaller buildings on the hilltop rather than a larger singular building. The building composition is punctuated by the larger masses with sloped roofs which are separated by smaller building masses.


Brentwood, CA

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