DTL (Digital Technology Laboratory) provides research and development services for Mori Seiki, one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the world. The company also provides consultation services and support for many machine tool users. The newly constructed facility in Davis is both environmentally and technologically friendly: this 75,000 sf state-of-the-art showroom and office space is LEED® Gold. This new facility is a balance of form and function; the quality of the design fosters a creative and relaxed atmosphere having incorporated many sustainable materials such as cork and bamboo. The design also reflects a minimalist and serene quality associated with Japanese design, using modern materials to create a unity of the culture of Mori Seiki with that of DTL, an important element in the design process. The design challenge was to create a livable, human-scale interior in a building that has a floor-to-ceiling dimension of 24 feet. To add to that challenge the shell is designed to accommodate warehouse functions with high bays and clerestory windows. The interior was accommodated within this shell design, using the light from the clerestories to provide light to the interior space, minimizing the use of lighting during the day. The very large auditorium within this facility was designed so it could be used by the business community to hold meetings and gatherings. Amenities offered to its occupants include a ping pong room, a workout/locker room, indoor bike parking, large cafeteria, carports for energy efficient vehicles that generate power with PV panels, and new technology in temperature control for a more comfortable and healthy workplace. This facility is located in close proximity to neighborhoods so employees have an option of bicycling into work.


Davis, CA

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