Williams + Paddon was commissioned to design three individual tea house pavilions within the extensive gardens of a large research and development facility in Shanghai, China. As part of a highly developed hospitality division within the client's operations, the tea houses will serve as breakout areas and structures to host tea ceremonies in honor of successful business dealings. Each tea house site was specifically chosen to interact differently within the landscape, and its architecture carefully developed to reflect the nature of the site. Site One is nestled along the waterway as part of the bank. Dug into the earth, it interacts with the stone elements on site anchoring it to the ground. Heavy detailing and low-slung roof eaves help provide a sense of enclosure and protection. Site Two is situated along a ridge and is nestled into the "forest." This structure has a lighter, more rigorous structural system to represent forest trees and blend in with its surroundings. Site Three acts a bridge, using the building itself to span over a waterway. Views across the water features and key vistas are highlighted through large windows adjacent to the main meeting space.

Pavilion Tea Houses

Shanghai, China

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