The OCT resort development in Shenzhen, China, overlooks the South China Sea. Originally designed and built in the early 2000’s, many of the villas within the development, including Villas 3 and 9, were never finished. Williams + Paddon is designing the renovation of these two unfinished structures into luxury VIP Guest Villas for a high-profile client. The original design was a classic example of modern architecture, but the layouts were not suited for the client’s intended use. The challenge was to accommodate the need for privacy imposed by the high-end luxury experience while preserving the original design intent of the buildings’ clean and open character.

Deteriorated wood cladding was replaced with a phenolic rainscreen panel system to withstand the harsh marine environment. Locally harvested stone veneers and hand troweled plaster finishes were also used throughout the project. New thermally broken windows replaced the original single-pane glazing system for increased energy performance, and exterior glass railings were changed to an exterior wood plank and rail system to create a feeling of warmth and security for the exterior terraces.  Interior finishes were developed in conjunction with HBA design to meld the client’s desire for traditional furnishings within the modern structure. Both projects are currently under construction.


Shenzhen, China

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