With the increasing focus on developing more livable housing communities, opportunities have arisen for urban designers and architects to explore new concepts of “community.” The Community Clubhouse that serves this new 3300 home community becomes, in effect, the de facto town center. The program for the Clubhouse was developed to provide the broadest spectrum of activities and uses to promote the most interaction of the community’s residents. This Community Clubhouse was designed to reflect a contemporary expression of the prevalent Mediterranean architecture found in the local area, and includes a fitness center, a multi-use community room and a club room, all with captive views of the adjacent golf course. The mild climate in this location encourages residents to spend large amounts of time enjoying the outdoors, and we incorporated design elements that minimize the division of indoor and outdoor space. Large sliding glass partitions open to the outside to facilitate the expansion of interior spaces. Features also include both indoor and outdoor fireplaces to enjoy the year-round moderate climate. A day-lit central circulation spine leads the visitor past the activity spaces to the panorama of the vast pool and spa area. Mission tile roofs, wood trellises, and a simple plaster color palette are traditional materials used on contemporary three dimensional forms.


Beaumont, California

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